School programs


Our workshops and classes help to empower students to explore their creativity and individuality and bring it into their dancing to create a unique style that is all their own. Breakdancing builds confidence, self-esteem, and team building as each individual becomes part of the whole when doing battles. We provide dance lessons and workshops with positive, culturally sensitive Hip Hop and funk music and encourage students to try out new moves and actions. We are very inclusive and make sure everyone is able to participate their ability level and or experience with dance.


Students are encouraged to take notice of their classmates’ unique moves and to celebrate their differences. Groups learn to work with others while challenging themselves in a safe and fun environment. At Easybreakdance our hope is that we will teach children not to give up in the face of a challenge, but to learn how dedication, determination and hard work can be fun and help with a positive outlook throughout life.


Instructor will introduce themself every class is different we try to get to know the students as much as possible ask names.


Students learn grooves and dance steps that will Dubble as dynamic warm up)


Students learn grooves and dance steps that will Dubble as dynamic warm up)


Lastly, students will have the opportunity showcase their routine or battle another group in fun non-judgmental environment vocabulary while moving freely without limitations through improvisation techniques we provide.

Breakdancing expressing oneself through movement, it that can be shown in many different ways because of that we are able to teach everyone on where they are at

Packages pricing

Half-day package

$ 290 (3 hours)
  • Half-day package

1-day workshop

$ 290 (24 hours)
  • 1-day workshop

2-day workshop

$ 700 (48 hours)
  • 2-day workshop

3-day workshop

$ 840 (72 hours)
  • 3-day workshop

4-day workshop

$ 1040 (96 hours)
  • 4-day workshop

1-week workshop

$ 1250 (168 hours)
  • 1-week workshop

2-weeks workshop

$ 2400 (336 hours)
  • 2-weeks workshop

3-weeks workshop

$ 3600 (504 hours)
  • 3-weeks workshop

1-Full Month

$ 4020
  • 4-weeks workshop