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Personal Plan

There is no diet that works for everyone! That’s why we create your individual program, specifically for you, to meet YOUR needs and reach YOUR goals.

 Lifetime access to exclusive content
 Lose fat, gain lean mass, fix your hormonal balance, improve nerval functions etc
 The PDF file that shows you everything about your necessary nutrition
 All values are specifically calculated for your situation and goals
 Additional supplement requirements included
 Food tables included
 Fix your metabolism

No matter if you want to gain lean muscle, get ripped as hell, eat against inflammation or support your brain function for better performance in sports. With the individual nutrition program, we will design a nutrition program that fits just for you and takes body composition, weight, age, sex, body fat percentage, and metabolic type into account to get the best results possible.

Your Instructor

“El Eggs” is a degreed sports teacher, with an additional focus in nutritional sciences. He has trained Calisthenics since 2012 and is the founder of a Calisthenics & Parkour association in Leipzig. El Eggs has extensive experience in a variety of sports like Taekwondo, Parkour, Biketrial, and Tricking with experience that spans over 27 years. El Eggs has trained people for more than 15 years and helps clients worldwide with Online Personal Training and Nutritional Coaching. He holds Calisthenics & Parkour workshops in the whole German-speaking area.

Whats your nutrition goals? START TODAY Reach Your Goals

LOSE Bodyfat
EAT smart and efficient
GAIN lean muscle mass
INCREASE your strength and stability


Individual Nutrition Program


(You have to measure your skinfolds to get information about your body fat percentage, your hormonal balance, and your metabolic type)


It’s recommended to let someone else measure you. A video explanation about how to do it correctly is linked inside the questionnaire. The linked Caliper is a cheap product and might give you some deviated values. If you want exact results chose a medical device like this.