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We want to help new breakdancers get a fantastic community experience, so they can start and continue with the art of breakdancing in a cool environment. 

Mannie Christjansen, Founder

What You Get in Our
EasyBreakdance Workshop

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BBoy Culture & Mindset

Stop tripping over your own feet, and start making some awesome moves.

Breakdance is an art.

Dancing is a discipline that requires a clean head and a healthy body - and we help get you there.

You will also get the exciting background stories of the moves, as well as know-how only the Top 1% of BBoys IN THE WORLD have.


Become Part of a UNIQUE Community!

Breakdancing is a worldwide movement, which will give you friends in every single country of the world.

Whether you're in New York, Tokyo or Berlin you will ALWAYS be able to meet B-Brothers'n'Sisters around the globe.

On this workshop, you will learn how to connect with people in a confident and chill way.


You Can Do It, Too!

Breakdance is for EVERYONE, and can be learned by ANYONE.

As part of the workshop, you will get intensive ONE-ON-ONE Coaching with world-leading instructors in the BBoy world to make sure you will come home with fine-tuned moves you can use instantly on the floor.

Where & When?

London, England.

August 26th to September 1st, 2019

Calgary , Canada.

August 26th to September 20st, 2019

Vancouver , Canada.

August 26th to September 20st, 2019

Taipei, Taiwan.

September 10th to September 15th, 2019

Paris, France.

September 10th to September 15th, 2019

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Normally $500 - This Time Only $400

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