All of our DJ packages include:

Add-on 1 extra lighting option (black light, led lighting, flame shimmer light for the dance-floor)

Young male dj works in modern broadcasting studio
  • Package 1

    1 Professional DJ for up to 4 hours

  • Package 2

    1 Professional DJ for up to 6 hours

  • Package 3

    1 Professional DJ for up to 8 hours
    **recommended for wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception


Breakdancing instruction $150

breakdancing is a very versatile dance – you can have very simple moves and still have fun. We are great at teaching, and we’re able to make dancing fun for everyone

Breakdancing Performance

breakdance performance for your special event. Whether it be a wedding reception, corporate event, gala, or birthday party, we will leave your audiences in awe with our mesmerizing and eye-popping moves

Minimum 3 dancers every  exrta dancer $100

Base Price $450



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